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Shayna Geddies

Why are you a stylist?: Being a stylist has been my dream since kindergarten. 

What makes you different?:
I’m different because I’m willing to try new things and I’m always open for learning more.

What is your consult style/process?:
I always make sure to ask questions. What have you previously done to your hair? Where do you want to be? I always take a good look at it too to really make sure I know the exact stops to take in getting them where they want to be.

What is your specialty?: I love to blow/style because that’s when the whole process really comes together, Also great at coloring hair and nails.

Do you take training/continue education?:
Yes, I do, I’m open for any new classes/education.

What do you do for fun or hobbies?:
I love the outdoors and shopping.

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