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Some of our favorite products to help you live beautifully!

Looking for the perfect product to compliment your look? These are some of our tried and true favorites! Ask our stylists what will work for you!


Our Brand Names


We use Joico for color enhancement because it is specially designed to provide the balance of proteins and amino acids that will keep your hair from getting dry or damaged as you experiment with color. It uses a Quadramine Complex to maximize the reconstruction of your hair from cortex to cuticle, which leaves you with a beautiful color job and healthy, soft hair to go with it! We’re also obsessed with their Lumishine Color because it not only adds life to your coloring job, it restores your hair to give it shine and keep it from breaking. The low to no ammonia levels and the replenishing Argiplex technology that seals your hair gives you the longest lasting color job and the healthy hair you need to compliment it.


Keratin Complex

When it comes to smoothing treatments, we always go for Keratin Complex. Smoothing treatments can, ironically, cause a lot of damage to the hair, leaving it frizzier and more damaged than before! That’s why we love the high doses of Keratin in this award winning line! This smoothing treatment provides high concentration of Keratin that penetrates the hair structure and gets sealed within the hair to repair damage. This way, it doesn’t break the hair bonds, leaving your hair damaged when the treatment eventually wears off. Add in the fact that it works on all hair types and it gives our clients the option of wearing their hair wavy or straight, and how can we say no!


Retail Products

Color Treatments

Joico K-Pac Color Therapy — If you’re looking to get all the benefits of a damage control treatment and punch up your color job at the same time, this is the product for you!

Joico Color Balance — The perfect shampoo and conditioner line to keep your color job fresh and infuse the right color tones to your hair.

Joico Color Endure — If you’re looking to make your color job last as long as possible, this is a must

Keratin Complex Color Care — A super moisturizing smoothing treatment designed to compliment a color job and keratin smoothing treatment… Sodium Chloride and Sulfate Free!


Damage Repair

Joico K-Pac — Your damaged hair’s best friend- this guy’s designed to reconstruct your hair from cortex to cuticle, leaving it soft and silky even if it’s been severely damaged by chemicals or general wear and tear.

Keratin Complex Keratin Care — The perfect smoothing treatment post care. Sodium Chloride free, effective on all hair types and keeps your smoothing treatment working

Malibu Scalp Wellness — The perfect moisturizing product for your scalp to give your hair the best base possible! 100% vegan, sulfate-free, and totally sans harsh chemicals!

Malibu Hard Water — Hard water can really do a number on your hair- use this guy to gently remove mineral buildup and restore shine. Plus, there are no harsh chemicals, it’s sulfate free, and 100% vegan!

Malibu Swimmers — Nothing kills your hair more than a healthy dose of chlorine. Undo the damage with this moisturizing treatment- 100% vegan, sulfate free, and with no harsh chemicals!


Styling Products

KMS Add Volume — Looking for a little more body? This guy increases body, adds fullness, and is gentle enough to use on colored hair!

KMS Free Shape — If you’re addicted to the hair dryer or straightener, this protects your hair from the potential heat damage!

KMS Hair Play — This stuff adds texture, whatever your hair time, letting you play around with styling without the stiff, crunchy feel of hairspray