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Max Sambald

Why are you a stylist?: I get to make awesome connections with my clients. I’m doing something I love and making someone’s day. It helps me grow as a person.

What makes you different?:
I’m the o
nly male stylist at the salon. I believe I have many unique qualities, and I embrace that, love time by myself, I think of myself as a “Limited Edition.”

What is your consult style/process?:
I like to hear how my client’s day/week is going before I start working and I love to joke around and make them laugh.

What is your specialty?: Blowouts, Hair cutting, styling and make-up.

Do you take training/continue education?:
The most of us attend classes regularly, love furthering my education, and grateful my boss offers us “hands on” classes.

What do you do for fun or hobbies?:
Drawing/Painting/Art, photography, Video “gamer.”

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