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Courtney Marchant

Why are you a stylist?: A new hair color/style can completely change someone’s confidence and the way they carry themselves. I’m a stylist because it allows me to use my creativity to make someone feel better about themselves.

What makes you different?:
What makes me different is my love for crazy vibrant color.

What is your consult style/process?:
I make sure to ask a lot of questions, whether my client just wants a small change or a larger one. It’s always good to know their hairs history, what may be bothering them now, and what their goal is. 

What is your specialty?: My specialty is crazy colors which allow my creativity to flow and just have fun with it. Also good at nails and up styling.

Do you take training/continue education?:
Yes, classes and education is a must to keep up with new trends and different coloring/cutting techniques. There’s always new things to learn, you can never take too many classes.

What do you do for fun or hobbies?:
I enjoy painting, sketching, nature walks, and trips to the beach.

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